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Welcome to our new webpage. Beginning this month, I will update you on events going on academically and socially at Intervale School. This page will explain certain programs in our school and let you know about NJSLA information. I will keep you current on social media sites and the numerous character education lessons and programs we do at Intervale.


Teacher-Parent Conferences are right around the corner. We all look forward to hearing about the things that are going on in our kid’s classrooms. Parent Teacher Conferences are a great way to connect with your child’s teacher. You can discuss how to help your struggling child or challenge the ones that are doing well.


Here are some thoughts on how to make the conference the most worthwhile for everyone.

·      Come prepared. Ask your child ahead of time if he or she has any concerns about subjects, the teacher or the school in general. Ask if the teacher is going to tell you something that you should already have been told. Look over work your child has brought home so that you can ask questions or share concerns.

·      Ask if your child is performing up to his or her capabilities at this point in the year. Does he or she need extra help in reading or math? Ask what you can do at home. Most important is to remember each of your children is different and cannot be compared to where another child may have been at this point.

·      Does my child turn in homework regularly? Parents are always surprised when they are told that their child has missed many assignments. We hear “but he said he didn’t have any homework!” If this is the case, work out a checkpoint system with the teacher to insure you know what he or she has for that night or an upcoming project.

·      Find out from the teacher what your child’s strengths are so that when you get home you can have positive comments to make about the conference before you address what needs to be improved.

·      Ask the teacher how your child is doing socially in the classroom?  Sometimes academic issues stem from social problems that might be able to be remedied.  This is where I come in. Let me know if a social skills group is needed or some individual help might be the answer.


Always remember that the home and school working together is the best way for your child to succeed.  Please don’t ever hesitate to call with a question or problem.


Donna M. O’Donnell

School Counselor


A person’s most useful asset is not a head full of knowledge but a heart full of love, an ear ready to listen and a hand willing to help.

                                                                                                Read. Love and Learn



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